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Come try us out and make sure we are the right place for you, BEFORE you join.  CLICK HERE  to sign up for your Complimentary 1st Class!

When the mundane repitition of the same back and bi’s, chest & tri’s, shoulders, legs and 30-60 minutes on the eliptical routine just doesn’t make sense anymore. When you realize you’ve never actually done a bicep or hamstring curl anywhere in life expect the globo gym. What makes you a CrossFit Liger athlete is not knowing what tomorrow’s WOD (Workout Of the Day) will be but knowing that you will find out who you are when you show up to do it. You will be asked to do things most will never try and you will get better at it each time. Because every trial and fail will eventually lead to a success, your success. You were born to be an athlete, you just never realized how to keep its attention. There is a chemical high from endorphins that draw you back the next day after a WOD that leaves you making a sweat angel on the mats. Your bodies were designed to play. Welcome to your playground. We’re excited you’re here.

CrossFit Liger the largest growing South Florida CrossFit community.  There is a horrible misconception that you need to be “in shape” to do CrossFit.  Whether you are a first timer or one of our Games athletes, CrossFit Liger caters to each individual by scaling the workout, when necessary, to best suit the individual needs and abilities of all our members. Your trainers provide hands on interaction and coaching to every member during every single workout to ensure everyone is practicing correct form and movements.  You owe it to yourself to satisfy the curiosity you have for CrossFit.  Your first class is on us!

We are conveniently located in Royal Palm Beach, Florida allowing easy access from Wellington, Loxahatchee, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Greenacres & other western Palm Beach communities.

CrossFit Liger is one of the ONLY facilities in the area that affords their members shower facilities making it convenient to come in before work or before heading out.

For the most current HardCore North news, information and events please follow us on Facebook  www.facebook.com/crossfitliger

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